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Case Study -  Footwear EVA Mold Washing 

Footwear EVA mold(s) are made out of aluminium and after certain rounds of moulding job-work, they require regular maintenance to upkeep with the production output. Often times, the traditional methods of mold maintenance require the maintenance team to periodically brush / cold blast/ short blast / ice blast/ sand blast the mold(s) to remove heavy deposits of rubber and carbon as a part of containment on the mold(s). Not only this process is cumbersome , it is expensive , time consuming, labour intensive and also shortens the life of the EVA molds because all these methods  of cleaning are highly abrasive and damage the molds in long run.  

Cleaning of Eva footwear mold(s) using Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is one of the best, easiest, fastest and most efficient  process of cleaning the eva mold. At R.K.Transonic Engineers Pvt.Ltd., we have specifically designed an Ultrasonic EVA Footwear mold cleaning system that helps maintain the life of the mold(s) and also shortens the cleaning time thereby reducing any downtime in the production process. 




Our Ultrasonic Shoe Mold Cleaning machine is specifically designed to clean Aluminium EVA mold(s).The machine automatically takes the mold inside the cleaning chamber. Strong Ultrasonic cavitation bubbles apply a gentle and effective cleaning process that loosens contaminations. We supply a specially formulated eco-friendly and bio-safe chemical  solution that has to be used in conjunction with the Ultrasonic Cleaning machine. The machine comes with a touch panel , auto dunking mode along with power modulation , emergency stop, tower-light, frequency correction, auto solution filtration unit , wheels , heat loss insulation and many other features as a part of the package. 

TRANSONIC Machine Benefits


  1. Reduced labor cost

  2. Reduce Water usage

  3. Reduced cleaning time

  4. Reduce Chemical Wastage

  5. Reduced Carbon Foot print

  6. Consistent Cleaning results



Cleaning Solutions:


We supply organic acid-based cleaning chemicals along with neutral, alkaline & highly alkaline cleaning chemical concentrate chemicals to be used in conjunction with the Ultrasonic Cleaning machine.


Usually organic acid-based chemicals are used for pre-cleaning of engine parts for carbon removal, descaling and rust removal followed by alkaline washing in Ultrasonic Tank.




We manufacture custom built Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks to suit the size of the engine block to be cleaned. The tanks have choices of Stainless Steel 304 / 316 L Grade with 2mm – 3mm sheet gauge thickness. Optional features like automatic dunking, oil skimming & filtration systems are also offered.

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