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Ultrasonic Transducer Box 

What is Immersible Transducer Box ?



When the part size or configuration requires a special-sized ultrasonic cleaning tank, we recommend Immersible transducers. An Immersible transducer is a hermetically sealed stainless steel container, which contains a number of transducer  elements. These transducers offer the major advantage of versatility in system design.  The  custom cleaning tank can be nearly any size that is appropriate to the application, and the transducers can be mounted so that the ultrasonic energy is directed and concentrated where it is needed most. In many cases, our customers already have an existing tank, which they wish to convert into an ultrasonic aqueous  cleaning,  or  solvent cleaning system.

transducer box .jpg
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How Does Transducer Box Works?


Immersible Transducers box contains Ultrasonic Transducers which are pasted inside the box wall with cold weld bonding. The Transducer Box is  connected  to  the Generator which actuates the transducers inside the box thereby making a cavitation effect inside the tank. The tank now works as an Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine.

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How can Immersible Transducers be placed inside the Tank?

Immersible Transducer Boxes can either be placed directly at the bottom of the tank or can be mounted on the side walls of the Tank.

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Standard Features:


  • Made out of 316-L grade, 2 MM thick Stainless Steel.

  • Hard chrome Plated for better life.

  • Hermitically sealed.

  • Weld bond technique used for bonding the transducers.

  • Pulse Powered Generators with self-tuning circuit.

  • Easily replaceable cards.

  • Twelve Months International Warranty.


How to choose one Ultrasonic Transducer Box?


Usually Transducer boxes are asked by customers who already have a Tank (SS) and are willing to convert the tank into Ultrasonic Machine. On this occasion, you can send us the size of the tank (in inches) and we will recommend you with a  suitable  Immersible Transducer Box.

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