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Multi-Stage Ultrasonic System 


Multi Tank or Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaning machines are ideal for production lines where usually a bulk quantity has to be cleaned daily. Multi Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaning machine becomes a part of the manufacturing line which enables voluminous cleaning of different types of parts.


A usual Multi Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine comprises of the following stages; Ultrasonic Cleaning followed by Rinsing & Drying tank. However, the stages can be customised and added upto 10 tanks or more depending upon the process requirement.


Types of Muti -Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines:

  1. Manual – Enables manual transfer of baskets from one tank to another

  2. Semi- Automatic – Enables pneumatic dunking and push slide basket arrangement

  3. Fully Automatic – Enables minimum human intervention with auto basket transfer from one tank to another


Models of Ultrasonic Multi Tank Cleaning Machines:

  1. RKT 2 – Ultrasonic Cleaning + Heated Rinsing

  2. RKT 3- Ultrasonic Cleaning + Heated Rinsing + Drying

  3. RKT 4 – Ultrasonic Cleaning + Ultrasonic Rinsing + Heated Rinsing + Drying

Choose your Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank Size:(L X B X H)* Inches*

  1. 20” X 12” X 8”

  2. 13” X 12” X 12”

  3. 22”X 12” X 12”

  4.  24”X 14” X 14”

  5. 24”X 16” X 16”

  6. 24”X 24” X 20”

  7. 30”X 26” X 20”


Machine Features

  1. Oil-Skimmer options

  2. Low Level float sensors

  3. Options of Filtration Unit

  4. Low noise working modules

  5. Duly Passivated tanks for longevity

  6. Digital Timer & Temperature controllers

  7. Fully insulated stainless steel working tanks

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