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Ultrasonic Vapour Degreaser 

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A Vapor Degreasing machine essentially refers to a component degreasing machine which uses solvents as a cleaning agent as well as a drying agent for the component past cleaning. An Ultrasonic equipped vapor degreaser usually comes as a three-tank system where the first tank is the pre-soaking tank followed by Ultrasonic Cleaning tank along with solvent and finally a solvent tank where the components are suspended above the boiling solvent and dried using pure vapors of the solvent thus giving this process a name of Vapor Degreasing.


Vapor Degreasers vary in size and type from small, manually operated machines to automated, conveyorized systems. The simplest VD is a rectangular tank with a sump of boiling solvent in the bottom. The cleaning space, or vapor zone, is just above the boiling solvent.



To confine solvent vapor to the tank and prevent vapor loss to the atmosphere, a refrigerant or water-cooled external jacket or internal coils are located above the vapor zone. Clean vapor condensate is collected in a trough, passed through a water separator to remove excess moisture, and returned to the boiling sump. Degreasers commonly are designed with larger condensers than actually required, in order to minimize solvent loss and prevent vapor contamination of the air in the work area.




Usually TCE (Trichloro Ethylene) and PCE (Perchloro Ethylene) are some of the most favored solvents that are used in conjunction with the vapor degreaser. Since both these chemicals are non-biofriendly; in the market today there are many alternatives to such chemicals which are safer to use with minimum environmental hazards.


Advantages of Vapor Degreaser:


  1. 100% component drying

  2. Ideal for Handicrafts components

  3. Ideal for Brass & Copper components

  4. Distillation of solvents which can be used many times

  5. Ideal for components where zero fingerprints are accepted

  6. Ideal for removal of Buffing compound from cutlery and surgical items


Transonic Advantage:


Design: All our vapor degreasers are designed with precision to avoid losses of solvent. We make sure that only the best quality steel with 316 L Grade goes into making in a vapor degreaser.


Cooling Coil: We use 8 or 10 Nos. of cooling coils in our Vapor Degreasers which helps reduce losses of Solvent from the machine.

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vapour inside 2 -2.jpg
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