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Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner 

There exists a wide application of ultrasonic cleaning in the medical industry. It is extensively used for

  • Surgical tools cleaning

  • Endoscope tube cleaning

  • Orthopaedic implants cleaning

  • Surgical blades & Hypodermic needles cleaning



Effective sterilizations requires effective cleaning and when it comes to cleaning reusable instruments, our equipment & detergents meet the most demanding criteria. Our industrial ultrasonic cleaners are used in the cleaning of instruments that cannot be adequately cleaned manually such as spiral wound instruments like biopsy forceps etc.

Ultrasonic cleaners work by subjecting the instruments to high frequency, high-energy sound waves. This causes the soil to be dislodged from instruments and drop to the bottom of the tank or be suffciently loosened that it gets removed during the rinsing process. The detergent used in the ultrasonic tank must be carefully selected as advised by the tank's manufacturer. Optimally it will be a neutral, low-foaming product and enzymatic cleaner as it will have enhanced benefts in this process.

The presence of organic material such as blood stains and respiratory secretions can result in the failure of disinfection. This could be because either the organic material protects the microorganisms from exposure to the biocide or the biocide may be inactivated by contact with organic material. Consequently rigorous cleaning of fexible endoscopes is required to remove such material before disinfection or sterilization. This should occur immediately after use to prevent the drying of secretions.


  1. Suited for CSSD, Ots and Clinical usage.

  2. Increased cleaning & disinfecting effcacy.

  3. Easy to operate and low maintenance cost.

  4. Reduces Labor and Running cost of Cleaning.

  5. Eases bio load & reduces cross contamination.

  6. Reduces water consumption as compared to manual washing.

  7. Makes the instruments ready for washing Disinfecting line and Autoclave ready.


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