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Ultrasonic Mould Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines should be used to clean all types of moulds & dies in the tool room. It is the more effective, time saving, economic and green cleaning solution as compared to manual washing , sand blasting and solvent dipping. The conventional mechanical and manual method of cleaning of moulds and extrusion tools is slow and labour-intensive. At worst, it can also be abrasive and destructive to the mould surface. 


Ultrasonic Cleaning machines uses non-abrasive very high frequency of sound waves that are transferred via a liquid medium; mostly in a combination of water & aqueous based cleaning agents. It helps in cleaning of common mould parts like mould face, back plate, vent paths, ejector pin holes , cooling  channel and all the other areas where manual intervention is practically not possible. Periodic cleaning of moulds in an Ultrasonic Cleaning machine gradually reduces the cleaning time and also saves a lot of laborious work.


How does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?


Moulds are often dipped in an Ultrasonic cleaning tank filled with relevant cleaning liquid. The liquid in the machine is heated upto a temperature of 60 – 70 Deg Cel. Upon activating the machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning machines generates thousands of microscopic bubbles at a very high frequency. These bubbles, known as cavitation bubbles then interact with the surface of the mould thereby clinging onto the dust, dirt, rust, oil and other contamination on the mould and removing the foreign contamination from the mould. The continuous scrubbing action of the cavitation bubbles clean the mould in a gentle yet effective manner without causing any damage.


Advantage of using Ultrasonic Mould Cleaning machines :


  1. Advanced cleaning results

  2. Non Labor Intensive

  3. Fast & Less time consuming

  4. Non-abrasive; does not damage the mould

  5. Green & Bio-Friendly method

  6. Consistent results everytime

  7. Economical


At “R.K.Transonic”; we have a wide array of mould cleaning machines to cater to our clients. We manufacture Ultrasonic Mould Cleaning systems depending upon the size of the mould, the quantity of moulds to be cleaned in a day, the type of contamination and also the availability of floor space at the client’s facility.  


We manufactur single tank mould cleaning machines as well as multi-tank mould cleaning machines with dryer facility. Usually tool rooms prefer single tank ultrasonic cleaning system due to space constraints.



Some Machines models are as under

Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 3.19.14 PM.png



Latest Technology: With constant innovations we keep updating our technology. We are well known in the industry for manufacturing the most durable ultrasonic cleaning machines and we make it a point to stand to our claims every single time. With regular technology upgrades; we are able to manufacture more reliable systems that outperform our claims. We use the highest quality raw material and the stingiest quality test at our facility.


Servicing: Every machine requires maintenance and servicing. We know this and we give options to our clients for regular AMC. Moreover, we have on call / video and visit assist facilities incase of any breakdown. Our service team has a response time of 24- 48 Hours.


Chemical Solutions: “Transonic” is a one stop solution for all your mould cleaning requirement. We assist the customer with our in-house chemical(s) which are to be used in conjunction with the Ultrasonic cleaning machine. We have a wide array of alkaline, neutral, and organic acid based cleaning solutions. All our chemical products are eco-friendly and non-hazardous.


Experience: Our mould cleaning machines are successfully running in companies like Exide Group, YKK India, Denso Group, Minda Group, Motherson Group, Mitsuba, Livguard, Relaxo Footwear, Aqualite , Plastimec SA Argentina, Saudi Arabian Glass Company Jeddah, Husky to name a few.

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